Across today’s Timeout we will be taking a look into some special Christmas shows and their preparations. Once again we look back 20 years into the past to see what December 4 1998 held in store.

First up are the students of Iford and Kingston Primary School who are getting set for their special Christmas Nativity play. Do you recognise anyone in this photo? Or perhaps you went to see the show as a parent or friend of one of the pupils?

Next up we have three photos from a press call for a production of Robin Hood starring former Neighbours star Sarah Vandenbergh. Also featured in the picture are Paul Ross, Toby Kensett, Peter Dayson and of course Otis the Aardvark.

Otis was clearly a cast favourite, look how happy they all are to see him.

Then we're back with the students from Iford and Kingston Primary School who got a cup from Lewes Round Table for their millennium project and aimed to raise £20,000. Here are some pupils with millennium secretary Lesley Walton.

Finally we have more soap opera fame as Victoria Gould, off EastEnders, showed up to sing carols with the Whitehawk Junior School Choir.

She then helped pupils Thomas Preecy and Nicki Maguire, both ten, with their raffle.

Let us know if you recognise anyone in these pictures.