VIOLENCE broke out ahead of the Brighton and Hove Albion match.

At about 6.15pm fans, appearing to be from both sides, fought with police officers as they headed into Brighton station to get a train to the Amex stadium.

There were two sections of away fans heading to Brighton station along Queen’s Road. They were both being escorted and surrounded by police.

The Argus:

The first, smaller section of away fans were singing what appeared to be homophobic chants towards the home supporters.

When the two sections got close to the station there were home fans outside one of the pubs.

At this point police attempted to keep the two sets of fans separate but a few individuals got loose from the Crystal Palace group to try to attack the Albion fans, who were being kept next the pub.

The Argus:

The police managed to get them back in the group. Some Albion fans also broke loose from their police escort but were also stopped as they reached the officers surrounding the Palace fans.

There were violent tussles as the officers struggled to return the fans to their respective groups.

The Argus: