Years & Years

Brighton Centre

4 Stars

Olly Alexander, the singer from Years & Years went from singing new songs to old through songs like Eyes Shut to the newbie If You're Over Me.

At first he came on and started the show with a few old but amazing singles then a couple of new songs that everyone was singing along to.

He also had the audience singing along throughout the show.

Everyone seemed to love it. He told us he loved Brighton too.

Olly also did some dance routines that he did with his fellow dancers.

The whole group of dancers had clothes changes including Olly himself.

He went through four clothing sets. One:normal everyday clothes. Two: a long dress that that he wore on the top of a set of stairs and then he rose up on a moving platform, making him look like he was really tall. Three: a long stringy top and a pair of trousers and last: A pink ,short onesie with a long cardigan that he finished off with. Everyone loved Olly’s spectacular night and came back with a smile on there faces.

Mia Hendy, aged 9