STORIES of aliens and extra-terrestrial creatures abducting musicians have inspired two producers to release an album.

Joanna Summerscale, founder of the ET Newsroom, a media channel that focuses on people who have had extraterrestrial experiences, worked closely with Brighton-based music producer Duggy Degnin to create an abstract and “groundbreaking” album.

Joanna met the musicians featured on album, “Eklectia”, through years of interviewing witnesses of paranormal and extra-terrestrial experiences for her channel, ET Newsroom.

She decided to create the album using recordings of their stories and the music they were inspired to write following their alien encounters.

She said: “Their experiences make great music.

“And I am interested in raising awareness of people going through these experiences.

“People who have had extra-terrestrial encounters are given such a hard time because they are considered a nutjob.

“I know a man who lost his wife and family because of the experiences he went through and how it affected him.

“We need to raise more awareness of what these people go through and that is one of the aims behind Eklectia’s release.”

Joanna, a trained counsellor from Hastings, helps people who struggle with post traumatic stress disorder following their “extraordinary outer-space” experiences.

Part of the proceeds of the album are going to those who have difficulty adjusting to normal life following these incidents.

Joanna said: “We have some seriously talented musicians on the album, including Steve Boucher who was abducted along with his van in Canada.

“And one of these extra-terrestrials said ‘the message is in the music’.

“This is groundbreaking material and the musicians are from America, Canada and the UK and will be raising awareness of this album and their experiences across the world.”

The album includes audio of the musicians talking about their experiences followed by their extra-terrestrial inspired songs.

Duggy, 59, said: “Funnily enough the music is not what you’d probably expect from people who have had encounters with aliens. It’s so varied and the musicians completely draw you in to their story.”

The album includes a few songs written by Duggy who has faced paranormal experiences himself before.

He said: “This has never been done before, and having been in the music industry all my life, it’s certainly an exciting project to be part of.”

The album is available to download from music websites including iTunes.