THE Rocky Horror Show is one of the most timeless and classic stage shows of the 20th century.

With some fantastic tunes, quirky plotline and eccentric characters, which is probably understating it, the production has wowed audiences the world over since it first took to the stage in 1973.

Written and produced by Richard O’Brien, the show was adapted into a movie just two years after it debuted.

Such is the popularity of the production that singalongs are frequent and it has become a huge part of pop culture.

Now, with a brand new cast, the Rocky Horror Show is returning to the stage and it all starts this Christmas, here in Brighton.

For its phenomenal return, the show boasts a top-notch cast.

West End star Stephen Webb takes up the role of the wild and wacky Dr Frank N Furter.

He is joined by Joanne Clifton, best known for her time as a professional dancer on the hit BBC show Strictly Come Dancing, who takes on the part of Janet.

A1 singer Ben Adams plays the part of Brad.

And as a special treat for the Brighton audience, solely for this leg of the tour, the role of the narrator will be taken up by comedian and TV star Dom Joly.

The latter three of the four I’ve just listed join me in the Theatre Royal, sitting around a circular table, where we discuss escape rooms, haunted places and Joanne’s search for a drummer friend on the advice of a psychic.

In fact the topic of Rocky Horror takes somewhat of a back seat in the jovial conversation.

However, when the conversation does sway the way of the production it’s clear the cast are excited.

They had spent the half hour or so before our chat taking production photos out by the mural that is currently taking up a giant wall on Bond Street.

“The city is clearly excited about the show,” Joanne says. “Especially when you see that mural.”

“It terrifies you about doing the show,” Dom continues. “The level of fandom is quite something, you’ve never experienced anything like it.

“We were reading through the script and trying to think about what the audience think rather than what we were doing.

“Most of the audience will know the songs and the lines better than us.”

“The film is famous but the show is so well renowned that you can’t differentiate the two,” Ben adds.

For Dom the idea of Christmas isn’t something he is overly fond of.

He professes that this is mainly down to his time spent as a Goth in his youth.

“I hate Christmas. I’m always looking for an excuse to get out of it,” he muses.

But the thing that drew Dom to the show, aside from the production itself, was a chance to come back to Brighton for an extended period.

“I know a lot of people down here. It’s such a cool place to hang out,” he says.

“If Brighton was a panto it would be Rocky. It has rebellion and inclusivity and people can be weird.

“There’s something very special about being in Brighton.

The opportunity to work with these two was also a key factor...”

“…Yeah Dom’s a big A1 fan,” Ben retorts.

“And a huge Strictly fan,” Joanne adds

“Jo has begged me for years to come on Strictly and I don’t think it’s for me.

“You wouldn’t do it?”

“All my life as a Goth people always ask why I didn’t dance, I hate dancing.”

It is Dom’s knowledge of Brighton that has seen him appoint himself as tour guide, promising to take Jo and Ben out on the town.

Ideas range from glow in the dark dinosaur mini-golf, haunted pubs and escape rooms.

The latter of which Joly had never heard of before.

“You’re coming with, they’re amazing, it’s awesome,” Jo excitedly stresses.

Aside from the fun of mystery puzzle games, the cast have been preparing for the show by watching the film.

Surprisingly it wasn’t until recently that Ben, the man portraying Brad, saw the show for the first time.

It was this viewing that drew him to the role: “Ben: “I saw it for the first time in the theatre, a few years back, I hadn’t watched the film or anything.

“I thought it was the most amazing thing. The songs and everything are great.

“The fishnets drew me to the show mainly.”

And if the thought of the singer from A1 in fishnets seems a bit crazy then this show may not be for you.

The wild characters and crazy antics are part of what makes the Rocky Horror Show so brilliant.

This year the cast are also blessed by the fact that Sue Blane, the woman who created the costumes for the show’s debut at London’s Royal Court, is designing the outfits for this new production.

“If you think of what a huge phenomenon it is,” Dom says. “To have a woman in the room who was in the room on the first night coming to make our costumes, that’s amazing.”

And he’s not the only original show star that the cast have had the pleasure of meeting.

Jo says:“I curtsied in front of Richard O’Brien because he kissed my hand, you don’t get anyone who does that any more.”

With plenty of panto around at this time of year Rocky Horror provides a welcome alternative.

And if you ask the cast, they clearly know why it’s the show to see.

“If you want a miserable Christmas buy a panto ticket,” Ben says.

“If you want an amazing Christmas then this is the show to come and see.”

Dom adds: “If you hate Christmas, like me, come and escape it here.”