ONE of the city’s most prominent gay bars is expected to reopen today.

Bar Revenge, in Marine Parade, Brighton, closed its doors last week prompting concerned customers to wonder why it was not open for business.

But the owner of the bar told The Argus he will be reopening it today after changing the company name to St James Events Limited. The council said the previous company was dissolved.

The name of the venue will remain as Bar Revenge. Club Revenge is a separate venue but is owned by the same people and remains open.

The general manager of Bar Revenge, Andrew Roberts, spoke to The Argus to quash any rumours.

He said: “We have received calls from customers asking what is happening.

“The situation is we are just changing the company name to St James Events Limited.

“This means we have to apply for a new premises licence from Brighton and Hove City Council to confirm our new business name so we can continue to run the bar.

“There are no changes at all. We closed last Wednesday because we are doing some refurbishment to our third level.

“While we are applying for a new licence, we took the opportunity to close and to finish off revamping the third floor.”

Mr Andrews said the new area will have new bar tending equipment and menu.

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He said: “The new third level will be very exciting for our customers.

“We had a normal bar before, but we are installing a Tiki-style bar with bamboo and wood.

“We are also relaunching a cocktail menu and a fish bowl menu.

“We want to thank everyone for their concern and we will reopen this Friday and business will run as usual.”

Chairwoman of Brighton and Hove City Council’s Licensing committee, Jackie O’Quinn, confirmed the bar’s licence was not rejected by the council.

She said: “The bar’s licence has not been revoked and it did not go through a licensing panel.”

A council spokeswoman said: “The owners of Bar Revenge are applying for a new premises licence as the previous licence lapsed. The lapse of the previous licence was triggered by the previous premises licence holder company being dissolved.”