POLICE found cocaine and suspected illegal immigrants in a kebab shop raid.

The raid happened at around 10.30am at Turkish Delight Kebab in Preston Road, Brighton.

A police spokesman said: "Prevention officers carried out two drugs warrants at a kebab shop and a flat, both in Preston Road, on Thursday morning, December 13.

"A large quantity of cocaine and cash was seized and two men aged 29 and 31 were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to supply a class A drug and entering the UK without permission.

"A third man aged 39 was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

"They are currently in custody."

Preston Road residents watched the raid from their windows.

One witness said: "I saw a van and a police car, then another van turned up and they took two people out in handcuffs and drove them away in the van."

He said 30 minutes later another man was led out of the shop and taken away in an unmarked police car.

Two police cars, two vans and a police dog unit were present at the scene.

A passer-by said: "The dog patrol unit were there, and they took a small dog inside the takeaway and went upstairs.

"You never know what's going on in your street do you?

"We're a tight knit community here and this is quite intimdating."

Sussex Police said they were cracking down on drug dealing in the city.

City prevention enforcement Inspector Nick Dias said: "We are continually working to make Brighton and Hove a hostile place to deal drugs.

"The warrants and proactive stops in recent days by prevention teams means a significant quantity of drugs have been taken off the city's streets."