A HOSPITAL area has been closed off after an asbestos scare.

Outpatients and clinics in the Barry Building of the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton had to be relocated.

A single corridor in the building was closed due to repair work to the heating system.

Pete Landstrom, chief delivery officer for Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust said: “Patient care in the Barry Building is unaffected while we have closed a single corridor to undertake repair work on the heating system.

"No wards are closed and outpatient appointments or clinics have been temporarily relocated wherever possible.

"During the work, as with all buildings of this age, asbestos containing material was discovered in areas not accessible to the public.

"All appropriate safety precautions were taken ahead of the works and the repairs are progressing.

"The area remains closed while the repair work to the heating system is undertaken and we expect to reopen the area by the end of the weekend.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our patients or visitors during this temporary corridor closure.”