HERE are Brighton’s best Chinese restaurants and takeaways, according to TripAdvisor.

1. China Garden, Preston Street, Brighton

A combination of Chinese, Cantonese and dim sum cuisine, 30 years of experience and sea views mean China Garden has earned the title of Brighton and Hove’s best Chinese restaurant.

One reviewer said: “This restaurant is superb with friendly, efficient service and a sensible selection of dim sum.

“Each dish perfectly flavoured and cooked, the textures are superb, crisp and flaky, the price was good, and it was so clean we could have eaten off the floor.”

2. Gars Chinese Restaurant, Prince Albert Street, Brighton

Arranged over three floors, this family-run restaurant offers a unique dining experience, blending traditional Chinese cuisine with more contemporary tastes to create new flavours.

A customer said: “I love the food, which is the main reason for coming here, but the staff are equally good.

“It’s a family run business and they’ve been going for decades, and this definitely shows in their attention to detail in everything that they do.”

3. Danny’s, Portland Road, Hove

The ten-year-old restaurant expanded this year, doubling its seating capacity after a successful first decade.

Its open kitchen lets customers see exactly how their food is prepared.

A TripAdvisor reviewer said: “After walking all the way from Brighton to Hove on a Friday night, the lovely staff let us sit and wait for a table.

“The wait was short but it would have been worth waiting an hour for the food and service we received, such amazing fresh food and polite staff who couldn’t do enough for us.”

4. Noodles Soup, West Street, Brighton

Its fresh take on the East Asian noodle soup dish has proved popular with the people of Brighton and Hove, so much that Noodles Soup sits in fourth place.

A customer said: “Noodles Soup in Brighton is like a faithful friend, from the moment you take your first piping-hot spoonful you feel like you have been given a big hug.

“The flavours are fresh, vibrant and authentic, the vegetables are consistently excellent quality and the meat is cooked to perfection.”

5. Good Friends, Preston Street, Brighton

With customers returning time and time again to enjoy its delicious dishes, Good Friends’ name seems particularly apt.

One visitor said: “My mother in law, who has visited every Chinese restaurant in Brighton and Hove, tells us that Good Friends serves the most authentic meals.

“I thought that our meal was excellent both in terms of quality and quantity, but I can’t comment on their prices as she insisted on paying, and I know better than to argue.”

6. China China, Preston Street, Brighton

An extensive menu features favourites such as quick-fried chicken, fried beef, braised roast pork with bean curd and Peking style grilled pork dumplings, all cooked by highly skilled chefs.

One diner said: “My favourite Chinese restaurant in Brighton, excellent value for money and the food is gorgeous.

“It’s quite basic inside and you can only pay with cash, but the staff are very friendly, the service is fast and they do not add a service charge to the bill.”

7. Rickshaw Oriental, Ship Street, Brighton

Good food at affordable prices have earned Rickshaw Oriental its place in the top ten.

A reviewer said: “I had the Massaman Rickshaw Curry with King Prawns on their £5 lunch menu and can honestly say it was really lovely.

“The service was really friendly and approachable and the delivery of the food was quick, I was very impressed overall.”

8. Beijing House, Queen’s Road, Brighton

A short walk from the station, Beijing House provides a warm welcome to the city with its fiery flavours.

One TripAdvisor user said: “I still find it hard to believe this elusive bastion of authentic Beijing cuisine really exists and can be had anytime I’m willing to spare a five minute walk and £15.

“Please go and eat there, because if this place goes out of business like the two restaurants before it, I will literally cry.”

9. Bon Appetit, North Street, Brighton

While not strictly a Chinese restaurant, rather an international buffet, Bon Appetit is a jack of all trades and seems to have come close to mastering a few too.

A reviewer said: “Beautiful buffet food replenished regularly. The drinks aren’t expensive and there are healthy options including Chinese food, Italian food and much more.”

10. Hins Restaurant, Church Road, Hove

Reading through the reviews of Hins Restaurant, the words fresh and flavoursome spring up time and time again.

One customer said: “The staff were very welcoming and happy, the food was excellent, and a good time was had by all.

“We couldn’t eat it all and took the excess home where it was enjoyed the next day.”