TRAINS have been cancelled after a passenger was taken ill on board a train between Brighton and Barnham this evening.

Disruption is expected until 9pm, Southern Rail said.

Tickets are being accepted on Brighton and Hove buses between Brighton and Shoreham and the Stagecoach 700 between Brighton and Chichester.

Services on the West Coastway towards Portsmouth and Southampton are currently at a stand and may turn around and restart at West Worthing.

Southern said in a statement: "Southern have been advised that a passenger has been taken ill on a train in the Goring area awaiting attendance from the Sussex Ambulance Service.

"Depending on the nature of the passenger illness Southern will deal with the situation appropriately.

"Often the emergency services will advise Southerns staff to leave the passenger on board the train, therefore queues can build up on the affected lines.

"Once it is safe to do so Southern will assist any ill passenger off the train and will give them the care they need once safely away from the platform.

"If you or someone you are travelling with are feeling unwell whilst on board our service, the quickest way to get help to you is by waiting until the next station to alert on board staff if possible or alighting.

"Here you will be able to speak with staff or use the Emergency Help Point should the station be un-staffed."