TWO teenagers have been filmed threatening to "slice" and "shank" passengers on a train.

The vile outburst from two 15-year-old girls was captured on video by another passenger on a train to Portslade yesterday evening.

The abuse was directed towards a group of males on the train.

One teenage girl says: "Come to Portslade, you'll get smoked bruv. You will get full smoked.

"Who do you think you are? We're not some dumb b*tches, you want to come and we'll shank you up mate.

"My boy's coming on the train at Portslade, you're going to get nanked up."

The expression "nanked up" is believed to mean "beaten up".

The girls make several threats towards the group who are not pictured in the footage.

One girl says: "Do you want me to slice you up? 

"I pray for all you lot, you're going to get stomped." 

She then threatens to rob one of the males "literally, right now", adding "don't p*ss me off, bruv".

The footage is understood to have been filmed at 7pm yesterday evening.

One girl phoned a friend during the tirade, asking them to come to Portslade station to "nank these guys up". 

Talking about her friend, she says: "He actually f*cks up every man that I've ever seen him fight with. Two days ago he smacked a kid over the head with a hammer and broke his nose."

One of the men on the receiving end of the tirade replies: "I just want to go to Hove. I just want to go to bed."

Others laughed while facing the abuse.

The footage was posted to Facebook and has been shared more than 600 times.

Posting the footage, Michelangelo Thompson said: "If these were my daughters, I'd be embarrassed.

"Two 15-year-old girls jump on the train with a cigarette still lit, cussing swear words like no tomorrow and reeking of alcohol, threating to shank people and thinking they’re big girls.

"Bloody disgusting."

British Transport Police said it was investigating.