THE MP who spoke about his HIV status in the House of Commons is demanding urgent action to make a prevention pill more freely available.

Brighton Kemptown’s Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle spoke in Parliament ahead of the 30th anniversary of World AIDS day.

He told MPs that next year he will mark ten years since being diagnosed, and described how he felt numb when he found out.

Now he has joined other MPs and peers to write an open letter to the government calling to expand access to HIV prevention pill PrEP.

He said: “During my speech in Parliament last month, I called on the government to take immediate action to avoid this cliff-edge scenario.

“We know of people who have become infected with HIV because they cannot access this HIV game-changer.

“I want to see PrEP have a long-term home as part of sexual health services, but in the meantime, NHS England and local authorities must act now and agree to increased places on the trial.”

Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion, and Hove MP Peter Kyle have also joined the battle.

Ms Lucas said: “It is dangerous and short-sighted of the government to withhold PrEP from those most at risk of HIV.

“When taken as prescribed, PrEP is almost 100 per cent effective at stopping HIV – so public health minister Steve Brine should urgently ensure NHS England and local authorities add new places to the trial.”

PrEP is available in England via a capped 13,000 place trial but it looks likely that all places for gay and bisexual men will be full by early next year.

This group makes up 53 per cent per cent of the 4,363 new HIV diagnoses in 2017.

PrEP is almost 100 per cent effective when taken as prescribed, some gay and bi men have already been turned away in parts of the country where trial places are full with individuals going on to be diagnosed with HIV.

Lord Michael Cashman, a Terrence Higgins Trust patron and Stonewall founder, is a signatory.

Lord Guy Black, the first openly gay Conservative peer and patron of Terrence Higgins Trust, has also given his support.

In the letter, the MPs and peers said: “We are writing to you to seek urgent action regarding the national PrEP Impact Trial where demand for the trial has far outstripped availability of places.

“This cliff-edge scenario is simply not an option.”

The MPs and peers also criticise the number of trial sites yet to open.