CHAILEY Heritage Foundation staged three popular Christmas events.

The charity supports hundreds of children, young people and their families by providing a range of services, especially catering for those with a neurological motor impairment, such as cerebral palsy.

First, the Seymour department at Chailey performed their take on the classic A Christmas Carol.

The audience was taken on a journey through Chailey past, present and future.

The children demonstrated many skills they have been working on at school, including mobility and there was even a bit of boccia.

Then St Martin’s department held its Christmas play in front of a packed hall.

The children demonstrated many of their “My Next Steps”, including switch skills and mobility.

Finally Hanbury department staged The Great Blueness Panto 2018.

There were some great staff performances overshadowed only by the superb efforts of the Hanbury students.

Each one had planned their own individual piece for the show, which they had rehearsed with their teaching assistant.

Each were working towards their individual “Next Steps”.

The audience was treated to fabulous work from the students including solo performances of dances and songs, acting as famous stars of the stage and screen, or just revelling in the attention as they took centre stage.

Some familiar characters were included in the show, such as Jenksy (the pantomime cow) and Angry Al the Wrestler.

This year’s theme was The Great Blueness, based on a children’s story of the same name.

This is where a wizard tries a range of different primary colours out on a small town, covering everything in it, to see which colour the inhabitants like best.

In the finale, it became clear that the inhabitants actually like a multi coloured world best of all.

The popular charity encompasses Chailey Heritage School, Chailey Heritage Residential, Chailey Heritage Futures and Chailey Heritage Pathways.