A boat has been completely destroyed after a fire ripped through it.

(Video Credit: Daniel Moon)

Flames spread from the small vessel at Brighton Marina to another boat moored nearby.

Other boats had to be set adrift to make sure the blaze didn't affect others.

The Argus:

Photo credit: Stephen Ball

Lewes Fire Station manager Tony McCord said crews were called at 2.45pm.

He said: "We got the call to a vessel alight, and it was impinging on a second vessel next to it.

"There were also two vessels to either side that were alight. We put out two fires, but both the boats have been written-off, they are both gone.

"Both the owners were at the scene, it was very unfortunate for them."

An hour later, the remnants of the two boats remained in the moorings.

Mr McCord said: "We don't get called to these type of fires very often, we believe it was accidental.

"The fire safety message is to make sure all the equipment is turned off and isolated, with no naked flames."