A PASSENGER hit a bus window headfirst when it was forced to brake sharply to avoid a pedestrian.

The woman was travelling on the top deck of the bus and sustained head injuries.

The incident happened at about 2.12pm today at the Clock Tower, North Street, Brighton on the Route 1 bus towards Whitehawk.

Managing Director of Brighton & Hove Buses Martin Harris said: “North Street is such a busy area with a lot going on.

"I’m urging everybody to please take care and make certain it’s safe before crossing the road.

"Luckily, the quick reactions of our driver meant that the pedestrian was unharmed.

"I sincerely wish the lady who was injured a speedy recovery. It must have been a nasty shock for her.”

The Brighton and Hove Buses response team, city centre supervisors and an ambulance crew attended the scene.

The woman was taken to hospital on a stretcher.

Sussex Police also attended and directed traffic near Queen's Road.