A LITTLE boy’s face lit up with joy when he was offered the chance to meet some weird and wonderful creatures.

Last month The Argus ran a story about cancer patient Sebastian Stevens, four, from Burgess Hill.

The youngster was diagnosed with sarcoma of the bladder and prostate when he was just 18 months old.

Sebastian was one of a several children who were part of a Christmas advertising campaign by supermarket chain Morrisons.

It was made in partnership with cancer charity Clic Sargent and was designed to raise awareness of how children with cancer are sometimes separated from their families over the festive period.

Our story struck a note with reptile keeper Deano Mac and he decided he wanted to give Sebastian the animal experience of a lifetime.

Deano runs Deano’s Snake Shack at The Mac’s Farm in Ditchling.

And he has invited Sebastian to go along and meet the creatures.

Sebastian’s mother Natasha Penney said the youngster, who is curently in good health, was overjoyed at the news.

She said: “Sebastian has chicken pox at the moment but his face lit up when I told him. It made his day.

“He likes things like that, he’s interested in unusual things.

“He gets bored just looking at pigs over and over again.

“When we go to animal parks he always looks for the more interesting ones.”

Deano said: “I saw the piece on The Argus website and thought he was such an inspiration.

“He’s clearly had a tough time and now it’s great things are turning round.

“He will come down and meet all the reptiles.

“We normally start with the insects and then the bigger creatures which go all the way up to bearded dragons, geckos and snakes.

“We play a bushtucker trial type game and if they’re brave enough there’s an edible bug at the end – they get a sweet after to soften the blow.”

Deano often hosts visitors from children’s charities.

He said it was always a delight to give children who have been through struggles something nice to look forward to.

Deano said: “We’ve had Chestnut Tree House [children’s hospice neat Angmering] and others down and it’s so beneficial for these youngster to see something they wouldn’t see every day.

“It’s also about understanding and showing people that these animals aren’t as dangerous as they’re made out to be.

“These are kids who are in need and deserve something special.

“It’s great we can raise awareness about these animals and also give children these amazing experiences too.”

Sebastian’s date with snakes, dragons and insects is now being organised.

Natasha said that before that happens, he has another check-up to attend but he was no longer anxious about hospital visits

She said: “He still has protein leakage around his kidneys from the chemo but other than that he’s OK.

“He quite looks forward to going to the hospital now.

“We have a scan next week and hopefully it will be all clear.”