PEOPLE are dumping their Christmas trees as random sites across the city.

Large piles have built up in several areas of Brighton and Hove which are not designated recycling areas.

Resident Austin Butcher took to social media to voice his frustration.

He said: “Anybody else noticed a lot of Christmas trees being dumped around the city? Well done Brighton Council for vastly reducing the number of drop-off points for recycling them, now you can pay to go and pick them all up.”

But a spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said it had provided the same number of recycling points as in previous years.

He said: “Residents can recycle real Christmas trees at the household recycling centres and more than 20 sites across the city again this year.

“Every tree we collect will be turned into soil improver or compost and prevents more waste going to landfill.

“Christmas tree recycling sites across the city are open until Friday.”

Angry residents said the trees were the responsibility of their owners.

Tracey Barrett responded to Mr Butcher’s post, saying said: “Shouldn’t you be directing your frustration at the people who go out and purchase a tree but then can’t be bothered to dispose of it in the correct way? There are more than a dozen recycling places across the city, so there is no excuse really.”

Nick Cockell agreed, saying: “How about people take some personal responsibility for a change?

“There are plenty of drop-off sites provided by the council and, as many people have pointed out already, if someone has managed to get a tree to their home then surely they can also manage to dispose of it properly?

“At a time when council budgets are being squeezed we are lucky to have official disposal sites at all.”

David Jacobs said: “Lazy people are dumping them at the Pepper Pot when there is no official recycling point there this year.”

A council truck went to the site to collect the trees on Monday.

Meanwhile a college has offered an alternative.

Chichester College’s Brinsbury campus asked people to donate their real Christmas trees to its goats.

A spokeswoman said: “If you had a real tree, please don’t throw it out.

“Our goats really enjoyed their donated trees last year, so please consider passing your tree on to our animal centre. We guarantee it will be a well-loved New Year’s gift to our animals.”