Twenty years ago today The Argus carried a story about people who live on the Meridian Line, the internationally recognised line from which longitude east and west is measured. It runs right through Sussex.

Does your house sit on the line – if so, we’d love to hear from you.

First up are Anne and Charles Cumpsty outside their 15th century house in East Grinstead, which lies right on the Meridian Line.

The same can be said for fellow East Grinstead couple Sandra and Derek.

Next is John Livings, chairman of the Peacehaven and District Residents’ Association, at the Meridian Obelist in Peacehaven which was going to be a focal point for the Millennium celebrations at the end of the year.

Elaine Theobald Maxill, a surgery assistant from East Grinstead, shows the way the Meridian Line points.

And Ken Averill, known locally as the Meridian Man, is the person who knew this workings of the line the best.

To end, and with thoughts turning to the upcoming millennium, we met Ian Partington M.D. for Computer Experts has helped develop a Millennium Bug Buster kit