Since last week's revelations about the cost of the Newhaven incinerator project, we now hear East Sussex County Council are threatening to sue anyone who publishes more details about this debacle.

Clearly the issue is in the public interest and should be discussed.

Also, as the former chair of Dove (Defenders of the Ouse Valley and Estuary) pointed out, costed alternatives were put forward and ignored by both East Sussex County Council and Brighton and Hove City Council (Letters, September 28).

Exactly what is it they are trying to hide?

  • Rod Main, Avis Road Newhaven

The cost of the new incinerator at Newhaven decided by Veolia is an absolute waste of public money.

The contract should never have been signed in the first place as the people of Newhaven were against it from the beginning.

This is not a viable contract as the council will not be footing the bill but forcing it on the taxpayer in East Sussex.

With the Government insisting on councils building more housing, this vast sum of money, £145 million, would have been better spent on homes.

With the council's high waiting list of people desperate for homes, this is £145 million going up in smoke.

  • D Myles, Brands Close Newhaven