FIREFIGHTERS battled a blaze in a seven-storey block of flats. 

Eight fire engines from Lewes, Roedean, Brighton, Hove, and West Sussex were called to Donald Hall Road, Brighton, at just before 7pm tonight (Friday).

Crews are using ten breathing apparatus, one jet hose and two hose reel to extinguish the fire.

A man was rescued from the flat and was taken to the hospital. Another four residents were assisted out of the building.

The fire started in the second storey. Roads in the area were blocked and pedestrians were diverted to another path.

A Brighton and Hove Bus was parked up for residents to sit on.

The Argus:

An East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: "At 8.21pm, the incident was brought under control after crews ventilated the building and had carried out welfare and home safety checks on all remaining residents.

"A fire investigation is due to take place on Saturday."

At about 9.30pm and six officers remain in the bus with people who were evacuated.

The roads are expected to be re-opened at about 11pm.

Andy Scott, 56, who lives at the end of the road, said: "The police cordoned around my house and I saw two fire engines flashing past my house, and that's how I know something was going on.

"It looked to me the fire has been sorted out and the fire service has done a great job like they always do." 

Neighbour Luke Hinton, said: "The firefighters did a fantastic job and were quick to put everything under control.

"I thought it could be a massive incident because it's a high rise building.

"I saw the fire crew packing away their things. I hope no one was hurt."

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: "Half of residents still in block told to stay put. One elderly guy pulled out.

"I live on the first floor and I am with my partner.

"Luckily the flames were under control by firefighters.

"There's a lot of smoke. I can see a  Brighton and Hove Bus is here for those evacuated to sit in and keep warm.

"I am OK and we didn't need to evacuate on this side of the building.

The Argus:

"Luckily the flat is well built and with safe cladding."

A spokeswoman from Sussex Police said: "The roads are currently closed. One person has been rescued from the fire.

"The fire service advises people who live near the flats to keep their windows closed.

"People at the back of the flat are advised to keep their windows open."

The Argus: