A PUB has taken measures to ensure that all the beers served on their premises are vegan friendly.

Brewhouse and Kitchen in Horsham, which is part of a nationwide chain, made the decision following the success of its summer menu which saw the company introduce 23 vegan items.

“We want to make beers for everyone,” said Matt Ayrton, the head brewer for the Horsham branch.

“That means we have an enormous selection of beers to make sure everyone is catered for.

“Now with these vegan beers we can make sure that no dietary requirements are excluded.”

Many beers are made using isinglass, a product of the fish farming industry that is used in the filtering process.

This means that, especially for cask beers, those attempting to eliminate animal products from their lives need to be careful with the beer they drink.

There are also types of beer, usually darker beers such as stouts and porters, that have milk included in the process of making them.

The changes to Brewhouse and Kitchen have been made after discussions in 2018.

Matt said: “It’s been talked about for a while, we made the decision late last year.

“Hopefully by February 1 beers at all sites will be vegan.

“It’s hugely important to keep up with what people want in a growing and moving market of craft beer.”

Matt, as the head brewer at the Horsham location, admits that the process of switching to vegan beers is more costly but ultimately worth it.

He said: “It wasn’t a hugely stressful process.

“It was the finings [which are used to make beer clear] that were the hardest part.

“We’ve been able to synthetically create something which does the job the same, if not better.

“It’s more expensive, but not in a way that should be stopping people from doing it.”

To coincide with their new vegan beers, Brewhouse and Kitchen will also be launching a brand new vegan menu later this month.

Kris Gumbrell, co-founder of Brewhouse & Kitchen, said: “While we aren’t a vegan specialist brewpub, we believe that good beer and food should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of your dietary requirements.”

To find out more about the new vegan beers and food at Brewhouse and Kitchen visit https://www.brewhouseandkitchen.com/venue/horsham/