SUSSEX Police have issued just two speeding fines for breaking Brighton’s 20mph limit since it was introduced almost six years ago.

The zones were brought in by Brighton and Hove City Council in a bid to cut the number of accidents on our streets.

But figures released by Sussex Police under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that only two drivers has been issued with a fixed penalty notice for breaking the 20mph limit.

On one hand, you could argue what’s the point if it isn’t being enforced.

But the other side of that argument is it does make drivers - well most - slow down.

That’s why it still has a vital role to play in our city today.

Anything that slows traffic has to be a good thing.

Speed is a major factor in road accidents.

According to the Government, inappropriate and excessive speed on the roads accounts for about 1,200 deaths a year.

Lack of speed restrictions rather than increased exposure to traffic has been shown to account for the excess deaths among children.

If you hit a child when driving at 40mph, you will probably kill the child.

At 30mph the youngster has an 80 per cent chance of survival but at 20mph the child is likely to survive with minor injuries.

Yes, the 20mph limits are routinely flouted but these limits do make our city safer.

Of course we would like to see more enforcement but the reality is that this will not happen.

So the onus has to be on the drivers. Stay safe and observe the limit.