In today’s Timeout we meet some adorable dog helpers. At the forefront is Sox the plasterer dog but there are two more pups who were in The Argus on this day 20 years ago. Let us know if you recognise any of them.

Plasterer Shaun Chalcraft was busy completing work on Hove’s Old Market in a multi-million pound restoration. He had some help from his pal Sox, a Border/Lakeland cross.

After a busy day helping to plaster buildings Sox liked to stop in at The Conqueror pub in Hove for a nice drink.

Sox was a popular figure inside The Conqueror and was clearly very highly regarded in the plastering world

Have you ever shared a drink with Sox in the pub after a busy day?

Or maybe you had the pleasure of having Shaun and Sox do some plastering for you?

We also feature Guy Garrett who had his smoke alarm to thank for saving his life and his family; wife, Ruth, children, Alec and Aidan, and dog Paige.

Finally we have Helena Pavvitt who poses with 2-year-old Honey in front of a mountain of food donated to The Leader appeal.