Which of these social media posts is your favourite?

The term “New Year, new me” is all the rage at the moment, with people making efforts to change the way they live as a resolution.

One thing that is unlikely to change is the number of photos taken on Instagram of our fabulous city.

Once again Jamie Walker has been trawling through the Brighton hashtag on the popular social media site to bring you the ten best Instagram posts of the week.

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1. A sultry sea snap


Photographers and models from across the world usually hit the Brighton seaside to take those awe inspiring and eye-grabbing shots and this one is no different. Based on her Instagram this social media user is somewhat of a world traveller and has used her outfit choice and colours to create a fantastic scene as the waves lap around her. See more worldie photos at @petitgio

2. An aerial view on Brighton Palace Pier


This photo looks like something out of a Wes Anderson film, but nope it’s actually the Palace Pier. What an aerial view this is. See @brightonpalacepier for more.

3. Rocky says goodbye to Brighton


The Brighton run of the Rocky Horror Show wrapped up this week, having received much acclaim over its festive run at the Theatre Royal. Two of the stand-out performers from the show were Callum Evans and Laura Harrison who featured as Rocky and Magneta respectively. Here the pair are before one of the final Brighton shows. It’s a good thing this wasn’t at an outdoor theatre or the pair may have been frozen, especially Callum. See more Rocky Horror tour pictures over at @callum_evans_95

4. An egg-cellent breakfast


Yum, look at that breakfast sandwich, that’s definitely a day brightener. If you fancy one of these you will have to head down to Cracked Brighton, based at Brighton Station. See more amazing food at @crackedbrighton

5. Street Fighter cosplay


Brighton is famous for its drag acts and model/TV personality Morgan Fabulous is one of the most well known. Morgan is certainly not one to shy away from the spotlight and is a big fan of Cosplay (Japanese roleplay). Here is Morgan showing off as Street Fighter’s Chun Li. See more drag on @djmorganfabulous

6. Stunning sunset


You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a shot from the opening scenes of the 1994 Disney classic The Lion King. In fact it is a picture of Brighton’s incredible coastline and a sunset that really shows off the beauty of where we live. Check out more shots of Sussex over at @floriwinnie

7. Looming cliffs


Tourism is a booming part of Brighton and popular shots always seem to come from the cliffs that loom over the incredible Sussex coastline. This amazing shot taken from Seven Sisters shows the contrast between a human life and the monstrous cliffs in the background. See more at @hebbe820

8. Knockaert takes to Instagram


Brighton fans were naturally delighted this week when they found out that winger Anthony Knockaert had set up an Instagram. The French star is a fan favourite at the Albion and you’re sure to find plenty of fab football shots on his page @knockaert_anthony

9. Furry friend


It wouldn’t be a top ten images without a cute pet photo. This week’s entry comes courtesy of Max the papillon. His profile says that he will “do tricks for treats” but this adorable dog deserves all the treats anyway. Look at that little face. See more of Max’s adventures on Instagram @maxthepapillon

10. Seaside shots


Another amazing seascape here and what a shot this is. The Palace Pier looms in the background, shadowed by the colourful sunset, as two Brightonians take a dip in the water. This photographer clearly knows what makes a good shot, and let’s face it Brighton doesn’t need help looking amazing. See @sollylevi for more landscape photos.

Which was your favourite? Let us know in the comments.