VEGAN activists stormed a sustainable supermarket once again to criticise “unethical” practices.

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), an animal rights group, invaded Brighton’s ethical supermarket, Hisbe in York Place for “false advertising”.

A DxE spokeswoman said: “The supermarket claims to respect animals while profiting from their exploitation and death. ‘Free range’ and ‘local’ are labels that make people feel more comfortable about animal exploitation and murder.

“But there is nothing ethical about farming and killing animals, there’s no such thing as ‘happy’ meat, milk or eggs.

“Consumers control demand, we have a responsibility.”

About 30 protesters entered the store holding signs with messages such as: ‘humane murder is a lie’ and ‘local doesn’t mean ethical’.

Several activists used megaphones to deliver their messages.

“Don’t be gullible. These farms aren’t ‘ethical” was shouted out to attempt to dissuade shoppers from buying animal products.

The spokeswoman said: “Humane slaughter does not exist. And dairy cows are forcibly impregnated and then have their babies stolen.”

The demonstration continued outside with passionate chanting and further speeches.

But Hisbe owner Ruth Anslow said the team was “passionately against factory-farming” and believe they maintain and entirely ethical approach to sourcing meat, eggs and dairy.

She said: “If anyone doesn’t see their own ethics and values reflected at Hisbe, why not do what we did and invent your own version of how it should be, with others who see things your way.”