ONE of the city’s favourite creative events has been given the green light to take place this year.

Brighton’s much -oved Kemp Town Carnival has officially been awarded funding and is set to return on June 1.

The Arts Council granted money to help fund five different processions of street performers at the festival.

The carnival, which in previous years has attracted tens of thousands of people, has partnered with Brighton Palace Pier, their main sponsor.

Mat Cook, events director for the festival, said: “Staying true to what the carnival used to be in the 70s, this will be a festival celebrating local art and talent.

“It is just fantastic that we can bring this event back to the streets of Brighton.

“The procession and parade will be a collaboration between some amazing local artists.

“It’s a privilege to work on an event which showcases and supports so many of Brighton’s talented musicians, artists, educators and community groups.

“We are excited but also a little nervous, to be honest, because it’s been three years since it last ran.

“But I am very much looking forward to helping create a wonderful carnival.”

Mat said the last Kemp Town Carnival in 2016 attracted more than 30,000 people and he is expecting a similar figure for their comeback this summer.

He said: “It is an open, free event.

“There are not that many of those left in Brighton so it’s great to be able to bring back something that so many people can enjoy for free.

“It will take place over a one kilometre stretch of Kemp Town village.”

Activities expected at the carnival include live music, samba parades and performances, street theatre, dance troupes, morris dancing, choirs, children’s activities, food and drink stands, fairground rides, arts and crafts stalls, and the Grand Custard Pie Fight.

To celebrate the invaluable Arts Council recognition the Kemp Town Carnival will be hosting an artists, community and press launch event on Brighton Palace Pier on February 7. Artists and community partners in attendance will showcase a taster of fantastic music and performances, along with guest speakers and the chance for all to gather in celebration and meet friends.

The Kemp Town Carnivals season of events will be fully announced at the launch, including the official Kemp Town Carnival after party on Brighton Palace Pier.

Kemptown MP Lloyd Russell Moyle said: “The carnival is a great event which is quite literally on my doorstep.

“It reflects the local community in its uniqueness.

“I am absolutely delighted that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy our carnival.

“I certainly know that I will.”