A CRUEL couple have been jailed for inflicting 28 bone fractures on a four-month-old baby.

Adam Jendrzeczak and his partner Aleksandra Kopinska broke the knees, ankles, ribs, and arm of the tot in Brighton.

The baby was taken to the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton in “immense” pain.

At Hove Crown Court Judge Christine Henson described the injuries as “truly appalling” and said they had shown “wicked cruelty towards a tiny baby”.

They were both jailed for eight years for assaulting or neglecting a child and causing unnecessary suffering, and for causing or allowing a child to suffer serious physical harm.

Ryan Richter, prosecuting, said the abuse came to light in February 2017 when the baby was taken to hospital with a broken arm.

He said: “It was then revealed he had further and extensive injuries, including 20 fractures to his ribs, fractures to both of his knees and both of his ankles.

“Expert evidence showed the injuries were caused by significant force.”

The Argus:

In the dock, 32-year-old Jendrzeczak dismissed his barrister Brian Shaw and asked the judge to postpone the sentence to await the arrival of his own lawyer from Poland.

When the judge refused to delay, he then begged to be represented by Mr Shaw, but Mr Shaw said Jendrzeczak had refused to talk to him before the hearing, and therefore could not mitigate on the thug’s behalf.

Jendrzeczak, of Sackville Road, has a previous conviction in 2011 for domestic violence, believed to be against his own mother.

In mitigation he said he was being “discriminated against” for not having his own lawyer.

Judge Henson told him: “You see yourself as a victim.You have shown absolutely no remorse.

“Those who had to deal with you, both neighbours and health professionals, found your demeanour to be aggressive and hostile.”

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She said he had shown a “complete disregard” for the tot, and was in a “controlling” relationship with Kopinska where he displayed “high levels of anger”.

She jailed him for eight years, and imposed an extended sentence, where Jendrzeczak must serve two thirds of his prison spell before he can be considered for parole.

Kopinska, 22, of Church Road in Hove, was described as “passive and subdued”, but did not engage with professionals as to whether she had been the victim of domestic violence.

Mark Kessler, defending, said experts found that she looked to health professionals like a caring person, but said she presented as “cowardly”.

Kopinska was also jailed for eight years.

The Argus:

Judge Henson said the baby had no abnormality or diseases which could have led to these injuries.

She said: “They were non-accidental, they were deliberately caused and required significant force to inflict. They would have caused immense pain. That pain would have been obvious to both of you.

“The injuries you caused were truly appalling and showed wicked cruelty towards a tiny baby, almost beyond belief.”

The Argus:

Detective Sergeant Jenny Pietersen investigated the case. She said: "This is a really sad case of child abuse against a vulnerable young child who at four months old was helpless and defenceless.

"We worked closely with the local authority and medical professionals to ensure that the child was safe and prevented any further suffering.

"Investigating and protecting societies most vulnerable is a priority for Sussex Police and we will work tirelessly to ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice.

"This case will resonate with everyone who hears of it and I am happy to report that the child is developing well, and is not restricted by the injuries he sustained at such a young age.”