A 69-YEAR-OLD man has been given an indefinite restraining order after pelting his neighbour’s house with eggs and chicken skin.

Ronny Fox of Downside, Shoreham, subjected his victims to months of cat calling and verbal abuse.

A family member, who did not wish to be named, said said: “We are relieved that Mr. Fox has been convicted for his ongoing campaign of harassment against our elderly parents.

“The targeted and relentless victimisation they have been subjected to has had a severe impact on us all.

“We hope that our parents can now finally return to living a peaceful life, without fear of being targeted again in such a personal way.”

Fox received the restraining order, 100 hours of unpaid work, £100 compensation to the victim, an £85 Victim Surcharge and £620 in court costs at Worthing Magistrates’ Court on Monday, January 7 following an earlier conviction, after his not guilty plea.

In 2014, Fox was given a two-year restraining order against the same victim.

But, after it ended, Fox continued his behaviour, leading to the victim contacting Sussex Police again.

PCSO Jamie Sanderson, of the Adur, Worthing and Horsham Prevention team said: “I am pleased to see that justice has been served at last, and the victim and his family can now look forward to some peace and quiet, free from any further harassing behaviour.

“The victim and his family, along with other neighbours, endured this behaviour for far too long, making their everyday lives almost unbearable.

“This case has been extremely challenging to bring to court, with various hurdles to overcome along the way, so I am delighted to see that the time and effort invested has been worthwhile.

“If you or anyone you know experiences anti-social behaviour or harassment, report it to us immediately and we will look to take positive action wherever possible.”