A NEW manager wants to reopen a “troubled” late-night off-licence which has a history of customers shouting, fighting and urinating on neighbours’ doorsteps.

International Food and Wine in Preston Road, Brighton, lost its licence after selling fake and smuggled booze and serving underage customers.

The name on the licence has changed several times during its “long history” of breaching licence conditions, and licensing officers often struggled to make contact with management.

Neighbours complained that the off-licence which stayed open until 3am attracted antisocial behaviour in the early hours.

It lost its licence in December 2017, and last year an appeal was dismissed after the new manager failed to turn up to court.

Now a new applicant wants to reopen it with similar hours. But neighbours, health officials, police and council officers are not convinced.

The council’s licensing department said: “The premises has a long history of breaching licence conditions, poor management, failed under-age test purchases, non-duty paid alcohol and food safety issues, resulting in the premises licence being revoked.

“Although this is a different applicant to the previous premises licence, we feel it is important to make the panel aware of the recent troubled history of this premises.”

The application in the name of Rany Dahwch, is for alcohol sales from 7am to 1am Sunday to Thursday, and from 7am to 3am Friday to Saturday.

Sussex Police is objecting to the late hours. Inspector Di Lewis wrote: “Sussex Police note that Preston Road, while being largely a parade of shops, is also densely residentially populated with flats and other dwellings, therefore the late opening hours would not be suitable due to potential nuisance this could cause to residence.”

Neighbours are concerned about increased noise and antisocial behaviour generated by an off-licence in the area.

One neighbour wrote: “There have been numerous occasions of noise disturbance which has occurred whoever puts the name on the licence.

“It has also come to my attention that the premises have previously applied and there has been a refusal and also has been revoked in the past. In fact, the last licence was refused, 19 January 2018.

“To me, and purely my assessment, there must be reasons for this and may suggest that possibly a repeat of nuisance behaviour and failings of the proprietor to adhere to the conditions of the licence which are meant to be followed legally.”

One neighbour said ten shops in the area sold alcohol late at night.

They said: “Having such premises open until such a late hour attracts unwanted characters from outside our residential street allowing for more crime and disorder.

“The previous off-licence which was in the same premises and with the same proposed late opening hours caused a lot of antisocial behaviour.

“Most late nights and weekends there would be lots of shouting, swearing, fights and shops were broken into, including my own.

“It was very disruptive and impossible to get a quiet night’s sleep.”

Dr Peter Wilkinson, consultant in Public Health, has pointed out the business is on the edge of St Peter’s and North Laine ward, which has the second highest rates of alcohol related violence, crime and disorder.

The licensing panel will discuss the application on Friday 18 January.