IS THIS the best or worst song you have ever heard on YouTube?

The Argus was contacted this week by songwriter Richard Michalec, who is searching for a woman to sing the vocals on his newest song.

We Should Be was posted on the online viewing platform earlier this week but has so far only managed a paltry 13 views - at the time of writing.

Richard, who lives in Brighton, wants the public to hear his song and help him find a female vocalist to sing on it.

He wrote the song in late 2018 and is now bringing it to the masses.

The singer, who would not specify his age but said he is “around 40”, wrote the song for his girlfriend as a thank you but also an apology.

When asked about We Should Be, Richard said: “For many years I was chasing my dreams to succeed.

“I was playing in bands, making videos, organising parties for Czechoslovakian, British and World communities and also working full time.

“My long term girlfriend was patiently and quietly supporting me and kept waiting, and I finally decided it was time to have a family.

“We are both a bit older now and haven’t been having much luck with a baby.

“We are still trying but I can now and then feel and see sadness and sometimes tears in the eyes of my girlfriend, especially when we meet friends or someone with children.

“So really I made this song for my girlfriend, and I know it’s not much, just to say sorry.

“The song is also just to say thank you to all the women who have also decided to not have children and instead to help others.”

Richard added that the reason he composed the song for a woman to sing is because the lyrics are a judgement based on him looking introspectively at himself.

“The idea about the song came to me really looking at my own relationship,” he said.

He hopes that the song, especially when it is sung by a woman, will help men “wake up” and make time for their partners rather than just chasing career goals.

You can listen to Richard’s full music video for We Could Be, on YouTube at this link:

If you know a female vocalist who you think would be a hit on this song, then let us know and we will put you in touch with Richard himself.