AROUND 100 people took part in a demonstration to support the people of Sudan.

They were protesting against the Sudanese struggle against what they argue is a fascist regime, which has been accused of violently oppressing peaceful protesters.

They gathered at the Old Steine Gardens in Brighton on Saturday calling for President Omar Al Bashir, who has ruled the country for 30 years, to step down.

They held placards displaying various messages.

According to Amnesty International, since the start of the demonstrations on December 23 last year, more than 1,500 youngsters, trade unionists, journalists and political leaders have been detained.

Forty people have been killed during the protests - one of whom is a doctor.

Nagwa Ballal, founder of the Sudanese Women and Children Group in Brighton and Hove, said: “This demonstration was about supporting the people who are rising up to the current Al Bashir regime.

“He has driven lots of people into poverty and also the standard of living has been very poor.

“Al Bashir has ruled the country for 30 years and people want the regime to end.

“We’ve had enough. He has killed many innocent protesters, who were only demonstrating peacefully.

“I have been in the UK for more than 20 years and I started up the Sudanese Women and Children Group in Sussex in 2004.”

Al Bashir, head of the National Congress Party, seized power in 1989 from a democratically elected government.

During his reign, the Al Bashir regime has been accused of committing genocide in the region of Darfur killing more than 200,00 civilians and displacing over 500,000 others.

He waged war against south Sudan where more than one million people were killed and displaced.

The war eventually led to the cessation of the South Sudan in 2013.

The President was indicted by the International Justice Courts for crimes against humanity in Darfur but he remains defiant.

Nagla Ballal, another member of the group, said: “People are suffering under Al Bashir’s regime, like the bread and petrol price hikes .

“We have seen the government killing innocent protesters.

“The government broke into the houses men, women and children and use tear gas to force them out, and they were taken to prison.”