A campaign has been launched to secure a £10,000 prize to transform one of Britain's worst playgrounds.

With tired equipment covered in graffiti and rust, youngsters and parents living near the Wolsely Road play area in Coldean, Brighton, are desperate for the park to be given a makeover.

Just five minutes from Coldean Primary School, hundreds of youngsters have no where else to go apart from the dilapidated playground - which consists of few broken climbing frames and rotting wooden equipment.

Now Wolsely Road has now been named as one of 16 of the worst play areas in the country - and campaigners are urging The Argus readers to vote in a national competition to win a £10,000 overhaul.

Mother-of-two Hannah James, 38, said: "This park hasn't been updated for years. For a community full of families and children it is such a shame we don't have a safe communal area where families can get together and enjoy themselves in the open air.

"Itís a huge waste of space with massive potential. You can see where old pieces of equipment have been taken away over the years and not been replaced.

"There is a large childrenís population in Coldean and theyíve got nowhere to go. The equipment is old, broken and a lot of it is dangerous. If people could vote we really have a chance of winning."

Tyre specialist Goodyear has been searching the UK for playgrounds most in need of a revamp. Hundreds of towns entered their ailing playgrounds into the competition this year, each hoping to win the £10,000 makeover on offer.

Wolsely Road was picked as a finalist and now people can vote online or by telephone to scoop the cash.

Coldean councillor Pat Hawkes is supporting the campaign. She said: "The parents down there feel really strongly about this and rightly so. The playground is in no fit state and that cash would totally transform it.

"Unfortunately council funds are shared between playgrounds and there is just not enough to go round. This would be a brand new playground in one fell swoop.

"Come on Argus readers, take a few minutes to vote. It would be fantastic if we could get that cash."

James Bailey, of Goodyear, said: "This competition has been really popular and we have had entries from all over the country.

"The nominations have been the exact causes that we want to help, and it is now down to the general public to decide which playground scoops the funds."

People have until October 12 to vote for the playground. Wolsely Road currently has just five per cent of the vote, some way off the 41 per cent share of the leader, a playground in Perton, in Staffordshire.

To register your vote either visit www.mygoodyear.co.uk or call 01213 624010.