A MOTHER got a nasty surprise when she cracked into her boiled eggs for breakfast on Tuesday.

Mariam Obeid had freshly boiled the eggs the night before. She usually fries her eggs but she fancied a change, as she had been suffering from a bad back and didn’t want to stand over the cooker.

When she opened the eggs the next morning, she was shocked to find they were covered in a rash of black spots. She said: “I’ve never seen an egg like that, with those black spots, they looked very unappetising.”

She opened another raw egg to check if the inside was rotten but it looked clear.

She said: “They look perfect from the outside, I’m curious to know what’s wrong with them and if they’re harmful.”

Still hungry, she boiled another pan of eggs but the same black rash appeared.

Mrs Obeid posted a picture of the foul eggs on Facebook to see if anyone else had encountered this problem, leading one friend to comment: “Those eggs have arrived with their own pepper.”

She bought the box of ten large eggs from Iceland in Blatchington on the previous Sunday. She has shopped in the local branch for years.

The packaging claims the eggs are Class A, of British Lion Quality and are well within their best before date of February 14.

Mrs Obeid said she tried to contact Iceland but there was no response.

She added: “I needed to warn them about the eggs, it’s not just me, imagine all those kids eating them, think about that, they could do some serious harm.”

Mrs Obeid also queried why the store was still selling the eggs when she had told them they were off.

A spokeswoman for Iceland said: “We would like to advise our customer to contact our customer care team and if possible return the packaging to her nearest store, where we will carry out a full investigation.”