A COLLABORATION between Fatboy Slim and an artist has become a gallery’s fastest selling work.

The print features a selection of the DJ’s vinyl records – stacked with just their spines showing.

Hove celebrity Fatboy, real name Norman Cook, worked closely with artist Mark Vessey to create the piece, which is entitled “Norman”.

Each of the records has a personal connection for Cook and his career.

It is an eclectic mix – as well as some of his own creations, there are albums by Al Green and Aretha Franklin, the Beastie Boys, The Clash, Donna Summer and many others.

The piece was launched by the Artrepublic in Bond Street, Brighton, and sold out within a week – the fastest selling piece of work in the history of the gallery.

Hundreds of people flocked to Artrepublic to see the print.

Jessica Gould, operations director at the gallery, said: “The event was the most amazing thing, we had people queueing down the street to get in.

“Norman was down here playing records, it was a great evening.

“We knew it would be busy and there was a huge buzz around the gallery.”

“He was greeting people at the door and leading them in.”

The store stocked 65 of the “Norman” prints in total – 50 in regular size and 15 in large.

All of them sold out within a week of being on sale.

Gallery owner Lawrence Alkin said: “We didn’t think there would be a problem with selling it.

“Mark Vessey is a great artist in his own right and of course Norman is so well know in Brighton.”