An “excessive” disabled access ramp has drawn complains from Hangleton neighbours who are angry about the loss of green space in front of their homes.

Brighton and Hove City council built the ramp in front of a house in Clarke Avenue in May 2018 without planning permission, but following complaints a retrospective application was made in October which will now go before tomorrow’s planning committee.

One neighbour objecting to the ramp, whose details have been redacted on the planning portal, described it as “over and above what is required”.

They said: “The front of the property in Clarke Avenue is a green area and part of this has now been lost, as well as dividing the green area.

“I have tried on several occasions to purchase or lease the area outside my property to make a hard standing for my cars but this has always been rejected by the council as it would affect the rest of the area.”

In their objection another neighbour, whose name is also redacted, described the ramp has harming the street scene.

They said: “The application is scant in detail as to why this particular design and size of ramp is considered necessary in this case.

“No justification has been put forward by the council’s housing team for this.

“There has been no balancing exercise by the council to assess the needs of the resident of Clarke Avenue, against our rights as the adjoining landowners and the rights of other neighbours.”

The planning committee discusses the retrospective application when it meets in public from 2pm on Wednesday, 6 February.