A PERVERT has been banned from public toilets after spying on a woman in a cubicle.

Stewart Ogorman was spotted by one woman lying down on the floor to look at her in the toilets at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery in September.

Brighton Magistrates’ Court was told that CCTV showed him repeatedly following women into toilets in the Royal Pavilion estate.

Meanwhile in another incident in November, he unzipped his trousers and flashed his penis at a mother and her daughter, which was also recorded by the security cameras.

When interviewed by police, he admitted that he knew what he was doing was wrong, but said that because he had not faced any consequences, he continued to spy on women.

But at after admitting an exposure charge and admitting observing a person doing a private act, he has been banned from entering every women’s public toilet in Brighton and Hove.

He was also banned from entering the Royal Pavilion and Gardens estate, which includes venues such as the Brighton Dome, the museum, the Corn Exchange, and the Studio Theatre.

In court, the 55-year-old was represented by Jason La-Corbiniere, and wore a dark jacket and jeans. He spoke to confirm his name and address, and to plead guilty.

Suzanne Soros, prosecuting, said the first incident happened on September 1 in the toilets of the museum and art gallery, where a woman had gone to the loo with her friend.

She said: “She was talking with friends when she became aware of a man’s head from a gap in the floor. He was lying down to view her.”

Ogorman was spotted on CCTV leaving the building. Then on November 24, a mother and daughter reported his further criminal behaviour.

Ms Soros said: “He turned to them, clearly exposing his penis to them. His trousers were unzipped and he exposed himself.

“The daughter didn’t see the exposure on this incident. There was also CCTV in relation to this incident.”

CCTV showed Ogorman following women into the loos on other occasions, the court was told.

Magistrate John Stambridge said that because Ogorman has no previous convictions, a pre sentence report would be needed to understand all the options for punishment.

“We need some more information, and a probation report will then be considered,” he said.

Mr La-Corbiniere said his client accepted his wrongdoing, and the bail conditions before his sentencing hearing.

Ogorman, of Norfolk Square in Brighton, was ordered not to enter any women’s public toilets in the city of Brighton and Hove or to go into the Royal Pavilion estate where he committed the offences.

When asked if he understood the terms, he said: “Yes, I understand.”

His sentencing hearing will be on Thursday, March 7.