A NEWSAGENT has been forced to move copies of a national newspaper after a spate of thefts.

WH Smith at Brighton Station has displayed a sign over its newspaper section that directs customers to the tills if they want a copy of the Daily Mail.

It comes after the store claims several copies of the paper have been stolen from the shop in the last two weeks.

Chelsea Andrews, an employee at WH Smith at Brighton Station, said: “We had an issue for the last couple of weeks where people are coming in and stealing all of copies of the Daily Mail.

“Someone came in once and took the whole stack of them.

“We’ve been losing a lot of money from it over the past couple of weeks.”

Chelsea also said she could not confirm whether Sussex Police had been informed of the thefts.

The sign was posted on social media by Brighton comedian Mark Brailsford, best known for his popular satire show The Treason Show.

Mark said: “I was on my way to get a train and popped in to WH Smith.

“It was shocking to not find copies of the Daily Mail when it’s an essential source of comedy material for The Treason Show.

“I think someone is probably stealing it just so nobody buys it, so as to not expose the Brighton public to certain views that go against our liberal views.

“It’s surprising people are stealing it, but if you’re going to pick up the Daily Mail you may as well get it for free.”

Mark added that he often uses the paper to find funny material for his shows.

The next shows take place at Horatio’s on Brighton Palace Pier on Friday and Saturday.