A DOG who went missing in a storm has been reunited with her owner – one year after her disappearance.

Dixie went missing from her kennel in the Beast from the East storm in February last year.

As the months went by, her devastated owners began to give up hope of seeing their beloved family pet again.

That was until yesterday, when the Millis family from Lewes received a call from Coastway Vets in Telscombe to say Dixie had been found “healthy and happy” in Newhaven.

Summer Millis, 23, said: “Everyone in our family is over the moon, we are in total shock.

The Argus:

“I cannot thank everyone enough for getting her back. Our other border collie, Arnie, has been totally distraught since she went away. When my dad told me she had been found, I collapsed to the floor.”

The sceptical family rushed to the vets within the hour for a “miracle” family reunion.

Jade Farmer, from Coastway Vets, said: “We were all a little bit emotional as it was just so sweet and lovely. She was in really good condition. She was little bit fat and chubby, but really happy looked healthy.”

It is believed Dixie’s disappearance on February 24, 2017, was theft. The vets, who found the owners through Dixie’s microchip, say she was in “too good of a condition to have been a stray for a year”, though she was found wandering in Newhaven.

The vets also believe she may have had puppies in her time away from home.

Jade said: “When we called the owners they were in total disbelief. They said ‘what do you mean you have my dog’ and ‘are you kidding me, are you kidding me?’. They thought it was totally impossible as she had been missing for a whole year.”

The Argus:

The heartwarming moment the owners were reunited with Dixie was caught on camera.

Dixie, wagging her tail furiously, is brought out to her owners and, obviously recognising them, greets them with enthusiastic licks.

She then rolls over on to her back for a belly rub from her ecstatic long-lost family.

Jade said: “These things do happen. A nurse at our vets said she had a case where a cat was reunited after two years.”

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