ANOTHER headless seal has been found washed up on the beach.

Yesterday morning dog walker Mikey Hong was out walking when he spotted a headless seal on Saltdean beach.

But earlier today, Tom Snowball, an ecology student at Brighton University spotted a second one.

He was collecting data for his university work when he saw the body on Ovingdean beach.

He said: “I found another headless seal on Ovingdean beach.

“It’s very fresh and was probably washed up last night.

“I saw that one had been found in Saltdean yesterday so I think this might be connected.”

Tom said his only assumption at the moment since looking at the headless body closely is the seal may have been injured by a boat.

He said: “I did some quick research.

“Because the wound of the seal was so clean, and it didn’t have any more marks on it, I doubt it was a predator.

“It’s more likely to be a boat propeller.

“I can’t say for sure about the other seal although I haven’t seen any close photos of that.

“Also I am definitely not an expert.”

Roger Musselle, from Rogers Wildlife Rescue in Brighton, said in the 50 years he has been working with wildlife in the area he has never come across anything like it.

He said: “We have certainly not seen this sort of thing before.

“While I don’t deal with many seals this does seem unusual because whenever I have done, they have been happy and healthy.

“I agree with the assumption that it might be a boat propeller.

“It seems odd though that this hasn’t happened before with all the boats coming in and out of the Marina, and it’s only happening now.”

Mr Musselle said he believes it is “highly unlikely” a predatory animal would have done the damage.

He said: “I can’t think of any predator in the sea here that would do such a thing. But I guess you never really know what might suddenly appear.”

Brighton and Hove City Council Seafront Office disposed of the first seal yesterday and reported it to the Natural History Museum as a deceased sea animal.