NO Valentine’s Day is complete without a random gift with a dodgy pun splashed across it.

With February 14 fast approaching, reporter James Cheeson went on a stroll to find the wackiest Valentine’s gifts that Brighton shops have to offer to give you some last-minute ideas.

The Argus:

Dinosaur drinks bottle: £5 from Sainsbury’s

Who says dinosaurs aren’t romantic? Sainsbury’s certainly thinks they can be with this small drinks bottle featuring a cartoon dinosaur and a speech bubble saying “You are T-Rex-cellent”.

The “T-Rex-cellent” pun is a bit of a stretch, but the shop deserves credit for trying to be a bit different. Five quid may be a bit steep, but if your loved one is a fan of awful puns, it could be worth it.

I love you berry much sweets: £1.25 from the Co-op

The Argus:

This collection of love hearts, marshmallows and other assorted sweets is basically just pick ’n’ mix with a Valentine’s theme slapped on to it.

The real curiosity here comes from the price label, which calls the product “CP Valentine’s Mother Cup”.

Perhaps the Co-op is targeting the niche market of people who buy their mother gifts on Valentine’s Day, or plans to re-use the product for its Mother’s Day sale as well.

Cactus soft toy: £1.49 from Card Factory

The Argus:

Nothing says romance like a dangerous, spiky plant. The happy looking cactus soft toy, which can be found in Card Factory, carries the endearing message “I’d always prick you.” It is a nice sentiment, but it is probably best not to think about it too deeply.

The cacti have clearly been popular, as this was the only one left when I visited.

The gift of nothing: £1 from Poundland

The Argus:

Poundland made headlines when it launched the now infamous gift of nothing, which is empty plastic packaging in a heart shape.

It attracted criticism from environmental campaigners, who considered it a wasteful use of plastic.

How to catch a spider sign: £1 from Poundland

The Argus:

Poundland also ventured into some casual sexism, with a wooden sign containing instructions on how to catch a spider.

The sign features tips such as “scream loudly” and “alternatively shout for male assistance”.