TODAY we have learned about a horrifying attack in our city centre.

More often than not, the majority of revellers enjoy their night out here without incident.

They enjoy the beach, the nightclubs and the bars and do so without trouble.

So it is truly shocking that a man who was walking home, alone, was set upon by a gang of men.

It was a cowardly attack, with the victim being stabbed and headbutted and suffering serious injuries.

It has taken time for the CCTV images to surface from the attack just before the festive period.

But now the images have been revealed, someone must know who these people are.

Ordinarily they may even be known to family and friends as a good bunch of lads.

They should not be protected though. If they have committed some of these violent acts, they need to face justice.

No one who has gone to enjoy their night out should be subjected to this kind of brutal attack.

The victim in this case may well have suffered severe injuries, but no doubt it will also have a huge long-term impact as well.

Victims can sometimes be left in fear of going out, or even just going about their everyday lives.

When attacks like this happen, it is very bad for victims, and it is bad for our city and the night time economy.

We need to be a welcoming destination for visitors and revellers alike.

Therefore it is absolutely crucial that if anyone does recognise those responsible, they contact the police immediately so action can be taken.