A YOB was stabbed in the neck as a row in a supermarket descended into bloody chaos in front of shocked customers, staff and children.

John McLoughlin charged at Matthew White repeatedly at the Hangleton Co-op store, with both men trading blows and grabbing items off the shelves to attack each other.

McLoughlin waded in after his brother Declon had been punched by White. Despite being led out of the shop, he charged back in and continued the rampage.

But he was left battered and bloody when White struck him with a bottle and stabbed him in the neck.

Despite store staff trying to lead White and his family to safety in the staff area, McLoughlin smashed the window of the door and shouted: “They’re dead.”

CCTV footage showed a toddler being knocked over in the scrap and both men’s children had to be led to safety.

The men appeared together at Hove Crown Court, where Recorder Mark Van Der Zwart said witnesses were “terrified” by what they saw.

McLoughlin, of Egmont Road, Hove, was jailed for 15 months for admitting affray.

White, of Hangleton Way, who also admitted affray, was given a one-year suspended prison sentence.

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Charlotte Morrish, prosecuting, said John and Declon McLoughlin had “clearly been drinking” before the incident in June, and were chanting football songs and waving their hands in the air.

CCTV showed how the chaos started when Declon barged past White’s partner inside the shop, and appeared to make comments towards them.

White’s partner took exception, and made her own comments, which caused Declon to confront them, knocking over a toddler in the aisle.

White then threw the first punch, knocking Declon down.

He left the store and told his brother what had happened and John McLoughlin then rushed in.

Declon tried to hold his brother back and at one stage got him out of the shop, but John kept returning and came off “worse for wear” in the fight.

His blood was left spattered across the shop.

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McLoughlin, 34, has six previous convictions for 11 offences, which include criminal damage where he punched a car window in anger.

He also spat at a PC in custody, and was convicted for racist threats and behaviour in February 2018.

White, also 34, has six previous convictions for ten offences, including criminal damage during a domestic dispute, kicking and punching a victim during an attack in a restaurant, and assaulting door staff at a nightclub.

Natasha Dardashti, defending McLoughlin, said her client was “mortified” by his behaviour and admitted having problems with anger management.

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She said he was a dedicated father and self-employed, and asked for his sentence to be suspended, so that he could get anger management treatment.

Thomas Nicholson-Pratt, defending White, said his client had lost his glasses during the fracas and could not see.

He said it was clear that McLoughlin had “pursued” the violence, and said: “For most of the time, my client is retreating from what is coming at him.”

Mr Nicholson-Pratt said White’s partner is about to undergo an operation to treat cancer, and said White is main earner for the family.

The judge said it was a “prolonged and violent incident”.

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He said: “Anyone present at that store must have been terrified by what they had seen.”

During the sentencing, a mobile phone ring tone in the public gallery played the theme tune from Clint Eastwood movie The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

The judge warned the person to turn it off.