A CORONER has slammed the NHS for failing to help a young woman who was being bullied in her ward before she hanged herself.

Bethany Tenquist had a history of mental health issues including bulimia, substance misuse and emotional unstable personality disorder.

The 26-year-old, one of six children, had several admissions to psychiatric hospital, Mill View, Hove, where she was found hanging last year.

Hospital staff rushed to cut her down but she died 18 days later on January 16 from severe brain damage.

An inquest in Brighton heard she was being bullied by other patients, including one who forced her into a lesbian relationship in exchange for drugs.

Brighton and Hove coroner Veronica Hamilton-Deeley was told by her family that they often found Ms Tenquist intoxicated with alcohol.

Their “much-loved sister and daughter” was ordering takeaways, including alcohol, to be delivered at her ward.

She occasionally ordered up to four takeaways a day, the inquest heard.

Ms Hamilton-Deeley said she was shocked at the lack of supervision over the takeaways.

She said she was particularly concerned about the alcohol and said an official report into the circumstances might be necessary to prevent future deaths.

Ms Tenquist was found hanged in her bedroom in Mill View shortly after her mother visited her on December 29.

She was taken into intensive care but died 18 days later. Ms Hamilton-Deeley confirmed her death was a result of hypoxic-ischemic brain injury as a result of hanging, which also led to a cardiac arrest.

Ms Tenquist’s mother, Bernadette, told the court her daughter was stockpiling medication and had access to razors, despite her well-known history of self-harming.

Ms Hamilton-Deeley said the lack of supervision was a cause for major concern.

She said: “I believe there exists a system that may lead to future fatalities. I am very concerned with stock holding medication and alcohol coming in with takeaways. Access to razors for self-harm I also take seriously.”

Ms Tenquist’s father Alistair, who attended the inquest opening held at Woodvale Coroners Court, said: “Her death has broken so many hearts.

“She was such a much-loved sister and daughter and loved by all.”

The inquest review will resume on March 20.