A FAN of American rapper Eazy-E has launched a campaign to get his town to immortalise his hip-hop hero.

Newhaven resident Guy Stevens says the star of gangsta rap group NWA, who died more than 20 years ago, should have a statue erected in his honour.

In a heartfelt plea directed at Newhaven Town Council he said: “Just do it. Get a statue or a plaque up. Why not?

“You just wasted money on a bandstand on Denton island no one cares about so why not an Eazy-E memorial?”

The council, which is yet to formally respond to his request, said it had “no idea who Eazy-E is”.

Mr Stevens came up with the idea while listening to the rapper dubbed the “godfather of gangsta rap”.

He said: “I think it would be unique, it would stand out, and would be eccentric.

“It would add to the town and bring some interest.

“Nineties’ gangsta rap is basically the greatest music ever anyway.

“Also he died of Aids so on a more personal level it may raise awareness of things like sexual health.

“He needs to be remembered in some way in our town. We have nothing going for us and no notable landmarks other than a fort. And Eazy-E is a legend”.

The rapper from Compton, California, achieved success in the early Nineties with songs such as F*** The Police, Express Yourself and Real Mutha******** G’S.

His life was also portrayed in 2015 film Straight Outta Compton.

Gangsta rap superfan Mr Stevens created an online poll to judge public support for his campaign.

He claimed the vote was 60/40 in his favour.

The deputy mayor of Newhaven, Graham Amy, echoed the council’s bewilderment.

He said: “I’ve lived all of my life in Newhaven and I’ve never heard of him, not a clue.

“I’m 72 years old and more of a Beatles fan than anything.

“If I had my way I would have statues to them around the town.”

Mr Stevens dismissed the deputy mayor’s proposals, claiming The Beatles “suck”.

Newhaven residents have responded online to the campaign.

Sandy Greener writes: “He might be a legend but no one I know has heard of him.

“He did nothing for Newhaven so why would I want to contribute to a statue?”

Another resident, Natalie Brown, blasted Mr Stevens over his plans.

She said: “If you’re that dedicated then pay for a bench. You may argue that your taxes would pay for it, but so will ours, and in my opinion, there’s better things to be spending the money on.”