AFTER his death on Tuesday, many people posted tributes to former goalkeeper Gordon Banks, mentioning his breathtaking save from Pele when England faced Brazil in the 1970 World Cup.

But, a Pele lookalike from Sussex went one step further, remembering the time he was pictured recreating the famous save with the World Cup winner at The Grand Hotel in Brighton.

Ambrose Harcourt said: “He was the guest speaker at a fundraising event about five years ago, so I brought my Brazil top with me.

“I asked him if he was up for recreating it and he said, ‘no worries’ so we took a couple of pictures.They are pictures that I really cherish.”

Ambrose said Gordon told him he was often questioned about the save, which many rate as the best of all time.

He said: “I had a chat with him and despite all of his achievements he was a very modest man, not one to shout from the rooftops.

“He said that, even though he had won a World Cup, all people would ask about was that save.

“He also said I looked a lot like Pele.”

Ambrose, who lives in Angmering, owns a PR company and used to be a radio DJ who was better known as Mr Lurve.

He says he often gets mistaken for the Brazilian footballer. Ambrose added: “When I was at the World Cup in Germany in 2006 with my friend I had all sorts of people coming up to me and asking me to sign their shirts.”

Ambrose’s resemblance to the Brazilian striker even led to him getting a job at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

He said: “I have a friend called Andy Harmer who is a David Beckham lookalike.

“He owns a lookalike company and was approached by a Brazilian TV company looking for a Pele lookalike in the UK, so he suggested me.

“I sent off a few photos and got offered the job two hours later.”

The TV company were filming a promotional film for the international football competition.

Pele had filmed part of the video in Brazil but was unable to travel to the UK, so Ambrose went to Manchester for a few days to finish the commercial.

Ambrose said: “A team of 15 Brazilians flew over and we did a lot of filming together.

“When the commercial was finished, they said, ‘if anybody needs a Pele in England, you are the man’.”

Ambrose said he also met Pele at an event in Hyde Park, London, 12 years ago, but was disappointed that he did not take a picture.

He said: “Pele had this great friendship with Gordon Banks, there was a real mutual respect between the two. Gordon Banks was a legend.”