Anton Du Beke and Erin Boag are two Strictly Come Dancing favourites who have become as popular in their live shows as they are on TV. Now they are bringing the magic of musicals to their routine. Jamie Walker talks to Erin about the show.

Hi Erin, how much are you enjoying being back on the road?

We also love being on the road.

This is our 11th tour and we’ve picked musical as the theme because there’s so many great musicals out there.

And what comes with great musicals? A great soundtrack.

We sat down last year and listed our favourite musicals and got our favourite pieces of music from them.

We wanted to get a bit of variety in there.

We have things like Wicked which is more modern to 42nd Street.

Is it nice to have that mix?

Absolutely, it makes it more fun.

But you also know that there will be audience member who know each song.

They’ll know Cabaret and Jersey Boys but also any kids in the audience will know a couple of the songs too.

When you’ve been touring for so long do you still get pre-show nerves?

Yes of course you do, especially opening night but I do love opening night.

For me, what’s important is every show has to be great.

Every show will be somebody’s first time to see me.

So it doesn’t matter if I think my legs will fall off, I have to go and perform at my top level.

There’s always that pressure and of course things occasionally go wrong.

But I love the adrenaline of going out onto the floor.

It must take a while to adapt to each stage and venue too?

Every stage is different but you always work to a front.

Sometimes you spread it out a bit or reign it in a bit more but that’s manageable.

What was preparation for the show like?

We started over Christmas and were working ten hours a day for about three weeks.

Everything was in place in plenty of time but the hard slog is the practice before going out on the tour.

With all these shows you have to perform on this show, do you have any particular favourites?

Top Hat.

I love a bit of Top Hat.

I also love Cabaret and Hairspray as well.

Hairspray is great fun and very different.

We have the great jive number they do.

I don’t think there’s anything in there that I don’t like.

The variety of music is great too there’s so much different music to dance to.

But Top Hat is very me, I love that.

Is Brighton a city you know well?

I’ve been there many times but wouldn’t say I know it well.

I’ve been to the seaside a lot, I would prefer you had sand instead of stones.

I love the Brighton Dome it’s a lovely theatre.

The stage is a little slippery if I’m honest.

When you’re flying around you have to be a little careful, especially when you’re in high heels.

But the audience is great and so is the auditorium.

Do you get a chance to see the cities and towns you’re in?

I don’t to be honest it’s very draining.

But also we often tour in the winter and I’d rather see places like Brighton in the summer.

I’d rather go back and explore then.

Of course we need to talk about your partner Anton Du Beke. What is he like to be on the road with?

He’s in your face, that’s a good way to describe it.

Anton is what you see on TV, what you see is what you get.

Give him a microphone and he won’t stop.

He’s fun and he will always keep you amused, and of course he’s a great dancer.

He’s a great character to have on a show.

We’ve been dancing for 21 years and most of the time it’s wonderful, but it’s like being married – occasionally you’ll want a divorce.

We know what makes each other happy or mad and that’s a good thing because you know what makes each other click.

It works really well.

What is the stage production for the show?

It’s a huge production.

We have two fabulous singer, six professional dancers behind us.

There’s a 25 piece orchestra.

Fabulous costumes, fabulous dancing and fabulous costumes.

Hopefully people will leave being overjoyed with a warm show.

The tunes will be belting and it’s wonderful for us to dance to.

It’s a great night out and you’re bound to walk out with a smile.

Anton and Erin’s show, Dance Those Magical Musicals is on at Brighton Dome on February 19