THIS IS the moment a shopkeeper chased gun-toting robbers from a convenience store.

The masked robbers burst in to the Happy Planet shop in Montefiore Road in Hove late last night.

They wore hooded tops and masks over their faces before pointing a gun at a member of staff inside.

But he quickly realised it was only a BB gun, and instead pulled out a knife and chased the young men out into the street.

In the panic, the would-be robbers left a pair of white flip flops and a JD Sports bag at the scene, both of which are now being tested by police.

Shop owner Jake Sharpstone said a staff member was sat down inside the shop at 10pm when the duo entered.

He said: “Two masked gunmen came into our store, pointed the gun at our staff member and threw a bag at him and said ‘give us your money.

“His initial reaction was fear, but he has done BB gun activity and recognised the weapon as a BB gun rather than a real one.

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“So he chased them out of the store and after them down the street. Sadly he fell and twisted his ankle.”

On the video footage, the men entered the shop and both are seen pointing guns at the shopkeeper.

But within 10 seconds the tables had turned, and they both fled.

Video footage above shows the moment the men fled

The men were seen running south and then along Colbourne Road in Hove, which Mr Sharpstone believes is the direction they had entered the store.

They were between the age of 17 and 20, it is believed.

One man wore distinctive white Calvin Klein flip flops, which he lost outside in Montefiore Road.

He wore a dark blue hooded top, black trousers, and a mask over his face.

The second man had a black and white camouflage style coat, black trousers and black trainers, and was also masked. He also threatened the shopkeeper with a weapon.

Mr Sharpstone said he believes both men could have been local, and may also have been wearing their own everyday clothes that may help to identify them to police.

Anyone who knows the men is asked to contact the police on 101 or online and quote reference 1283 of 15/02.

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