AN ELDERLY couple sat in their car for warmth when their caravan park lost its gas supply overnight.

Susan and Brian Read, aged 73 and 78, were outraged when the supply was cut off at 4pm on Thursday at Tudor Rose Park in Peacehaven, a residential static caravan estate for people aged 55 and above.

It was finally restored late Friday afternoon.

Several people on the estate were affected.

Management insisted everyone involved was offered “alternative heating facilities” and there were more than enough electrical heaters but said some people rejected this offer.

Mrs Read told us yesterday morning: “I’m in despair, I just want it switched back on.

“I think it’s an emergency, we had to boil the kettle just to have a quick wash this morning. We didn’t have any hot water or showers.

“We were visited by one of the park’s staff and they said it would be back on in an hour but then they came back and said no one could come and fix it until the next day.

“I think it’s absolutely disgusting and people need to know.” The gas was turned back yesterday, four hours after the Reads spoke to the Argus.

The couple were offered an electric heater but they refused, saying they were concerned about electricity costs.

A spokeswoman for Tudor Rose Park said it was “beyond their control” that the gas supply to some residents was closed down for safety reasons.

She said: “SGN [gas company] arrived on park yesterday afternoon and offered everyone affected means of heating throughout this time via forms of electrical heating.

“A small minority of residents did refuse the heating facilities handed out.

“We have done everything within our power to rectify the problem.

“However, as we are a commercial supply, we had no choice than to work with our contractors to have the gas supply reinstated as soon as possible by a certified commercial engineer.

“The earliest emergency appointment we could have was booked in and engineers were on site.

“Our residents were

without gas less than 24 hours.

“Tudor Rose Park offered to pay for all electricity used for heating for the homes affected throughout this period and we have had a manager on site dealing with all residents with any heating issues for the last 24 hours.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused it has been completely out of our control, although we have worked as hard as we can to have the issue resolved as quickly as possible.”