MORE than 40 business owners in Brighton and Hove have written to their MPs to demand a second EU referendum.

The owners of 44 small businesses are publicly backing calls for a People’s Vote.

They have written to the city’s three MPs.

Geoffrey Major, director and owner of a company based in Brighton Pavilion, says he is concerned for the security of his employees.

He said: “Our highly valued, trained and skilled staff, from all over the world, particularly from the EU, have to live with the threat of them having to leaving or lose their permanent status.

“We have clients outside of the UK in Europe who may not be available after Brexit.

“We just don’t know and we are concerned.

“Democracy allows people to change their minds when the truth is revealed,

“The people have a right to vote with a level playing field where the facts are fully known and understood”.

France Bloomfield, an independent artist based in Brighton who trades in the UK and Europe, is also very concerned.

She said: “A deal without a customs union would be damaging for me if I wish to continue to sell my art in Europe.

“I am also concerned that Europeans will be deterred from coming to the UK, many of whom buy my art.

“Politicians have failed to take their own interests and personal ideologies out of the decision-making process, and that is why the people deserve a say.”

Maddy Brooks is a musician and carer in Brighton, and she too believes in a second vote.

She said: “I know how many lives Brexit will affect and has already affected, I have seen it already with friends and family.

“I work a lot in Europe and travel for my music, it is very important I am able to do so, and Brexit would be a huge issue for me and any other musician who does gigs abroad.

“People should be able to travel, live and work freely and securely wherever they come from.”