Which is your favourite?

There was plenty to see on Instagram this week, especially if you search the Brighton hashtag.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to feature all of the amazing posts that come up on the social media site, we’d need a lot more pages.

Jamie Walker has whittled this week’s fine selection down to ten and here they are.

If you are a budding Instagrammer and have some photos that you would like to see featured across this page in the coming weeks remember to use the Brighton hashtag to get it noticed.

1. Ab envy

The Argus:

Matt Rood holds the title of Mr Gay Europe and for anyone who likes a chiselled body it’s obvious to see why. He is certainly not afraid of showing off his body. There aren’t many Instagrammers who would be so free showing off their body, let’s hope this was taken in summer. See more of Matt on @mrgayeurope_mattrood

2. Classy cocktail

The Argus:

The Ivy was surely packed for Valentine’s Day with couples getting all loved up over some good food. The restaurant is a beautiful place to eat and Instagram user @_lxkildea is clearly having a good time there.

3. Chocolate heaven

The Argus:

Now this is a cake, and there’s no prizes for guessing where it came from. Choccywoccydoodah are Brighton’s most famous chocolatiers and with designs like this it’s easy to see why. An amazing cake, which surely tastes delicious as well, it would be perfect for any special occasion. Instagrammer @sophierimmerr saw the cake and is already dreaming of having it on her wedding day. Let’s hope we are invited for featuring her post on this page. Let us know if you have ever bought a cake from Choccywoccydoodah.

4. Galentine's celebrations

The Argus:

If you’re a fan of the American sitcom Parks and Recreation then you will be aware that February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day, is affectionately known as Galentine’s Day. Brighton couple Evelina and Clara celebrate both days, using the 13th to celebrate not just their love but their friends as well. See more of their lives at @evelinaandclara

5. Baby gull

The Argus:

It is amazing that this photographer managed to get so close to this seagull. Seagulls do have a tendency to be a bit vicious, especially if you’re carrying chips or doughnuts on the pier, but this baby gull looks extremely cute. He wouldn’t hurt a fly...just steal its snacks. See @itsaworldofphotos for more.

6. A very good boy

The Argus:

Look at this adorable dog. This is Max and he is an extremely good boy. He’s also incredibly photogenic, clearly loving the camera. You can see more of his adventures around Brighton and Hove on his Instagram page @maxthepapillon, it’s worth it for sure.

7. Pier poses

The Argus:

It wouldn’t be an Instagram top ten post without a shot of the Palace Pier. The light fading and a brilliant juxtaposition for the photo make this a great snap. See @rosemursito for more.

8. Lovely Lewes

The Argus:

OK so this shot was taken in Lewes not Brighton but it’s definitely worth featuring. The streets of Lewes are incredibly picturesque and it is no surprise that it is one of the most desirable areas of Sussex to live in, as @rosina.travels found out. What is your favourite part of Lewes? Do you recognise this street?

9. Valentine's flowers

The Argus:

There is something quite beautiful about this picture, especially this week. Flowers are laid in front of the destroyed West Pier. See @thistlebynature

10. Seafront snaps

The Argus:

The Visit Brighton Instagram page always seems to deliver when it comes to amazing shots of the city. This one, taken on the seafront, shows the beauty of buildings that overlook the Channel and even has their cracking reflections in the water. Some of the architecture in Brighton is truly wonderful and pictures like this showcase that. See the @visit.brighton Instagram page for even for scenic city shots.